Worship Formation Project

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I’m not going to take the time in this blog post to tell the whole story (that will be for another day), but let’s just say that for the past few years, I have felt that God has had me on a journey towards something beyond my typical “job” as a worship leader; more than just leading songs on Sunday morning.

I’ve been doing a ton of praying, reading, talking, and researching, and I believe I am ready to formalize my project towards “worship formation.” I’m actually not even sure if that’s the right term for what I’m pursuing, but that’s at least what I’m using for the time being.

So, here’s where I need your help.
First, if you know worship leaders or formation leaders, please connect them to this blog. I will be posting further thoughts on this subject and would greatly appreciate their input and expertise. I will also be posting surveys and questions, and I will need people to answer them!

Second (really, first), please pray for me! Like I said, I don’t really know where this is going to lead, but I’m very excited for what God might do through this journey.

Finally, please subscribe to this blog so you can stay apprised of what’s going on and give feedback when you can. Just fill out the form at the bottom with your e-mail address and tell your friends.

Thanks for all your help and I hope you will join me!