Vote for your favorite piano piece!

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Although the evenings of my last few weeks have been completely dominated by the 2014 Olympics in Sochi (that and homework for my classes), I thought after all the medals were doled out, I would pursue another music composition project. I’m a little out of practice as of late, so I thought I would begin with an orchestral transcription of a great piano piece. So, I spent a nice, relaxing part of my day off today (in between errands and during nap time) listening to the likes of Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Debussy, Schumann, and the like. It has really been a number of years since I have just sat and listened to music while looking at scores. This was especially exciting because my mind was swirling with all the options for orchestrations for each of these works.

I was reminded how much I enjoy classical music today. Ever since becoming a dad, my life has pretty much been filled with music for church, lullabies, and VeggieTales, with only occasional forays into the incredible world of classical composition.

All that being said, now I need help. I am looking for suggestions on piano pieces I can transform into something wonderful for orchestra. I don’t care if someone has already given the orchestral treatment to the work before, either. Please keep in mind (you zealous pianists, you) that things that are overly pianistic tend to translate poorly to orchestra. Although, I think I would love to see a cello do a Rach-style cadenza at some point.

Please place your suggestions below and I will vote for the winner!