Time to Get Lucky!

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Well, as you all know, I have a super popular blog.
I think my random musings get about 10 hits a month.  However, if you’re here reading this, you’re probably reading my most read post to date, and I write that without actually knowing what’s going to happen.
If you’re here, you probably saw my post on twitter or facebook, and you want to know about SEX.
That’s right boys (and probably girls too).  You saw the post, and you couldn’t help but click.  That’s why I wrote this to begin with – I couldn’t help but click…

Anyway, my friend Marla Taviano is an author.  Mostly she writes books about marriage and family and directs those books toward women.  If you’re a Trinity lady, you may remember when she came to speak at MOPS a few years back.  Well, she’s written another book, a special book, just for guys called “The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky.” So, today is your chance to get a sneak peek at the book, and possibly even win a free copy!  I have already started reading it myself, and she’s very open and honest, and really has a desire to see marriages win.  Which is totally cool.

Ok, so here’s something else cool: Marla and her awesome husband Gabe and some others from their church have been doing some missions to Cambodia over the past few years.  Gabe helped turn Marla’s book into an ebook for your iPad, Kindle, Nook, or just plain ol’ PDF if that suits you, and by doing that, the proceeds from this book (it’s only $4.99!) go to help their next trip to Cambodia.
So, you get a book about sex, and help a country that really needs our support at the same time!
Good deal.

Sorry for the ramble.  Here’s a short interview with Marla about her new book.  You can click here to buy the book yourself, or leave a comment below for your chance to win a copy for yourself.

1. When it comes to sex, do you think wives wish their husbands understood them better?

Great question, David, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY. And you just uncovered the biggest theme of the book. When guys take the time to understand their wildly complicated wives a little better, it can only mean good things for their sex life. Men and women are wired so differently, but a husband really can learn how to turn his wife on.

2. I know your book addresses the topic of porn. So many Christian men struggle with this area. What were your findings from your informal survey? (which I took, btw)

Out of 10 questions about sex, the answers to #8–What is your relationship with pornography and how do you think it affects your marriage?–shocked me the most. I mean, I knew Christian guys weren’t immune to porn, but I didn’t realize what a huge percentage of happily-married guys who love Jesus struggle big-time in this area. My prayer is that I was able to offer some real hope to husbands. Satan wants you to think that porn is something you’ll never be able to conquer. That’s a lie.

3. From many guys I’ve talked to, the consensus seems to be that we don’t understand how our problems with lust and porn, etc. effect our wives, could you shed some light on the woman’s heart in this regard?

Oh, wow. I don’t have the space to write everything I’d love to write here (guess you’ll just have to read the book, huh?). We wives long to be the most beautiful woman in our husband’s eyes. We want him to think we’re attractive and lovely and sexy and ENOUGH. I want my body to be enough for my husband. If he’s looking at porn, that says (to me anyway), “You’re not enough for me. You’re not pretty enough, not perfect enough. Your body isn’t hot enough. I need something better, something more, something you can’t give me.” This is crushing to a woman’s spirit. Absolutely crushing. Even if you love your wife dearly and try to convince her it has nothing to do with her, you will never, ever get her to believe that. Never.

4. Ok, my first 3 questions kinda beat up on us guys. Any bit of encouragement you want to send our way as a result of writing this book?

Yes! I can’t tell you how impressed I was by the thoughtful, thorough answers you guys gave me on your surveys. Wow. Kudos, my brothers! So many of you desperately want to be good husbands and love your wives like they want to be loved. Guys get a bad rap for being selfish, lustful pigs that only think with their you-know-whats, but we women really deserve a big chunk of the blame for the sexual disconnect in our marriages. I think that any guy who reads my book is going to walk away really encouraged that there is hope for his marriage. If not, he can have his money back.

Thanks so much for having me on the blog, David. Hope you enjoy the book!

Well, that’s all!  Make sure to check out http://www.husbandsgetlucky.com/ to score your copy and comment below if you want to be entered in the drawing!