The Year

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Well, here we are, just past the anniversary of our senior pastor’s death.

I don’t think that anyone could have even begun to predict what the past 18 months have been at Trinity, and there are some things I would certainly wish were different, but I also see what God has done in the midst of extreme adversity.

(note: this post could get pretty ramblely…)

The great thing about tragedy is that God shows up in ways that we weren’t looking for Him in times of joy. He meets us in deep sorrow and shows us a different amount of grace. One thing (among many) that Dr. Bob was known for was his incredible treasure chest of memorized quotes and scriptures. One such quote, I believe it was A.W. Tozer, was “pain is God’s megaphone to a lost and dying world” (or something like that). Now, I don’t want to try to speculate that God was trying to get a message across to us, but I know at least for me, I have see sides of God that I wouldn’t have noticed before this tragic event. I don’t think we have learned all that God wants us to learn, and I know that we have a long way to go individually and as a church, but we have a great hope for the future!

2013 was not easy.
2013 was not always fun.

2014 is here.
I don’t want to make any predictions as to where we might be this time next year, but I do know that God is going to continue to work at Trinity and in Northeast Ohio! At some point this year, we will probably call a new man to lead us. I don’t know what God has in store for that man, but what I do know is that God knows. Sovereignty is a funny thing, isn’t it? Sometimes I think we expect God’s sovereignty to only be good things, like tragedy and pain aren’t part of his plan. In our case, for whatever reason, we were supposed to have trials. We have gone through the dark valley, but the Spirit of the Living God went there before us and with us, now, we follow Him into the future.

Keep praying friends.
Pray for the church leaders (no matter what church you go to)
Pray for Trinity’s search team
Pray for our new pastor and his family – after all, God knows even when we don’t
Join me in praying for 2014.
Pray for an incredible work of God and pray that we would see lives changed in only the way that God can change them!