The Most Wonderful Time

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I’m so sorry that it’s been since September since I last posted, but here we go!

Ah, Christmastime
There’s nothing quite like it. Decorations everywhere, the music (even my chiropractor plays Christmas music, and sometimes sings along), all the crazy shopping, the parties, the FOOD, lots of family, friends, and laughter. I’m getting all nostalgic just thinking about it all 😉
For me, and my Church music friends, Christmastime also means some crazy services to plan for, but we all love it, right?

This year, we’re focusing on imagining what it would have been like to be there that night. Seeing the birth of Christ, witnessing the angels and the shepherds, beholding the glory of a star outshining all others in the sky. Wow. In our drama, two angels first hear about how Christ is coming to earth and notice that the preparations appear to be rather minimal, and wonder how the coming of the Son of God to earth could be such a “small” event. Finally, when they lay eyes on a tiny baby wrapped in cloth in His mother’s arms, they realize that this is a special effect that could only have come from the mind of God. Wow again.

To me, what makes this production so special is that it helps us to envision Christmas in a fresh way. I think it begins to become cliche after seeing and hearing the same story over and over again. We still love to hear it, and we love the season, but the magic is gone.

That’s my hope for this year. That the magic will return for everyone who walks in the doors of our church. That those who have been Christians for years and years will walk out in awe of God’s creativity and power, and that those who don’t know Christ will hear the story in a new way and be blown away by the love of a Savior.

So, Trinity people: invite your friends and family to Imagine Christmas on December 20th. Take them out for lunch afterward, too. It’ll be worth your time, and maybe change their life. Let’s make this a Christmas to remember, and remember again why it’s the most wonderful time of the year.