The Missing Feelings

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Well, this post is entirely copied, and taken out of context.
This is part of an article written by John Piper, you can read the article (speaking about being angry with God) here.

Talking about our love and passions for Christ, or our Christian life in general, we many times dismiss our feelings because they “can’t be trusted” or “our passion for God shouldn’t be about feelings” and so on…

Here’s what John Piper has to say about feelings:

This kind of thinking about feelings is one of the reasons there is so much shallow Christianity. We think the only things that have moral significance in the world are acts of volition. And we think feelings like desire and delight and frustration and anger are not acts of volition, but waves that break on the shore of our souls with no moral significance. Small wonder that many people do not earnestly seek to be transformed at the level of feelings, but only of “choices.” That makes for a very superficial saint (at best).