why I began this journey

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I don’t really remember the date this happened, but I do remember what happened.

I was walking into my office at church one morning, and was struck for a brief moment by the sign outside my door that read “worship pastor.” Now, you might not think I should be shocked by this as that is the position I have been assigned, but that day it made me pause.

For quite some time both in paid and unpaid positions, I have been “leading worship” at various churches. Now, this of course, means sing the songs on Sunday mornings (I know it means more than that, but bear with me). That day, however, I was more struck by the word “pastor.”

A pastor is a guide and a shepherd, and I read on that wall plaque that day that it was my job to shepherd my church toward worship, but what I realized that day is that since worship occurs as a lifestyle, maybe my pastoring should focus on a lifestyle of worship.

If people in our churches do not worship God Monday through Saturday, are we really doing our job of pastoring? Now, I know there are other avenues of discipleship people are involved in, but what can we do as worship pastors to form lives of worship in all our hearts?

This is where I started. What do you think? Have you had similar feelings about your ministries? What do you do to worship God in your daily life?

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