The decisions of a president

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So much of what we know about the workings of our country today is colored by the media. Really, from both sides, it seems we rarely know the truth, but only what a particular news source wants us to know.

What I appreciated most about President Bush’s book is the candid way he approached each topic. He explained exactly what he did and why he did it. The book is organized by event or topic, rather than chronologically, and he takes the time to address most of the major issues he dealt with during his time in office.

I feel this book is also a great look into the life of the president – a life that he hardly get to see – and the daily, extraordinary tasks and decisions he has to make.

I’m also glad to see so many positive review on Amazon for this book as it doesn’t present itself as a political soapbox at all, but just a man telling his story and sharing his heart.

I received a free copy of this book from Multnomah in exchange for this review.