Towards Worship Formation

Formation Defined

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While “worship” is used frequently in church circles, I find that the word “formation” occurs with much less frequency, although I believe that is starting to change. I do not feel very qualified to make an adequate definition, but will attempt to do so here. I will actually address formation in two stages, the first being what formation is generally speaking, then I will specifically address spiritual formation. Formation is something that happens to us pretty much every moment of every day. In fact, as you are reading this blog,…read more


why I began this journey (part 2)

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In case you didn’t read post 1, please go there first! When I was starting in worship leading, we were pretty much coming to the end of this round of the “Worship Wars” (I say this round, because it’s bound to happen again) where people were fighting over what was the appropriate style of music for use in the church. Now, I understand people having different likes and dislikes about music, but, you know what? I’m not going down this path… Anyway, it has to be about more than music! We…read more

why I began this journey

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I don’t really remember the date this happened, but I do remember what happened. I was walking into my office at church one morning, and was struck for a brief moment by the sign outside my door that read “worship pastor.” Now, you might not think I should be shocked by this as that is the position I have been assigned, but that day it made me pause. For quite some time both in paid and unpaid positions, I have been “leading worship” at various churches. Now, this of course, means…read more

Worship Formation Project

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I’m not going to take the time in this blog post to tell the whole story (that will be for another day), but let’s just say that for the past few years, I have felt that God has had me on a journey towards something beyond my typical “job” as a worship leader; more than just leading songs on Sunday morning. I’ve been doing a ton of praying, reading, talking, and researching, and I believe I am ready to formalize my project towards “worship formation.” I’m actually not even sure…read more