Sunday Set List

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This is my first Sunday Set List post. Found out about this blogger named Fred McKinnon – chance to share what we do on Sundays with other worship leaders. View other Sunday Setlists here:

So, here we go!

We are currently doing a series entitled “Champion”. It’s about all the things we want to champion as a church – so, not like a sports champion, but just things we want to pursue. Today’s theme was “People Need the Lord”.

Band today:
Latin Percussion (first time ever!)
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Me and 3 vocalists

Songs for today:
Montana (prelude)
Santo Santo Eres (hence the Latin percussion)
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?
God of this City

Our church has a growing presence in different Hispanic communities. First, we have multiple mission trips a year to a few different orphanages in the Baja, Mexico and we also have a ministry to a community in Painesville, OH with many different ethnic groups. So, for this morning, we did a prelude and our first song in our worship set in Spanish. Santo, Santo, Eres (Holy, Holy are You) is cool because it has a nice English translation that we sang in conjunction with the Spanish. It is so awesome to experience the message of God in other languages and cultures. I also think the congregation appeased me kindly and maybe even enjoyed it a bit as well 😉 God of this City was accompanied by some video footage our people and places in our area to help focus us on where we are asking God to come and do amazing things.

Dr. Bob brought it home, as usual. I think the message of the morning was clear and effective. Those of you that were there – what did you think? I’d love to hear your comments.