Spill Your Guts

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First of all, thanks for the notes after the last post – I really appreciate it.  Still working on getting the comments fixed – you can continue to leave messages on facebook if you are led.

Ok, onto the thought I stole from someone else for today:
For many people, unfortunately, Christianity has been whittled down to a series of rules and regulations.  Which is really a pity.  If everything about God were a mighty tree, like that big one from Avatar, rules and regulations would be a toothpick – for a human, not a Navi.  However, more often than not, living a certain way seems to be what’s focused on by too many Christians and God is so much bigger and greater than our rules.  Now, don’t get me wrong, God does give us guidelines for life, but not so we would be bound by all His rules, but so we could be truly free.  For instance, “thou shalt not commit adultery” which to many people sounds so restrictive and limiting, was actually a God designed “rule” for our benefit!  Sex within marriage is one of the greatest gifts God has given us, and anything outside His plan for that diminishes God’s ideal.

Ok, you get the point. 

Sin can tear down not only others, but our own souls as well, but God’s ideal is that we live free from the bondage of sin.  The first gateway to freedom from sin is a relationship with Christ.  Loving Him, letting Him love you, and asking Him to forgive you from when you’ve strayed from His ideal, but for those of us who know Christ, we know that our sin struggles do not just magically disappear.  And that finally leads me to where this post is going…

Do you ever sit down with a friend for some serious accountability?  I don’t mean “I said a bad word after I hit my finger with a hammer,” but some real deep thoughts and struggles?  For me, it hasn’t happened too many times in my life, but those are the most freeing, albeit difficult, conversations I have ever had.  The love and support of fellow believers is a fantastic gift from God and is one of the reasons God has kept me away from much sin to this day.  Being honest with a friend is an awesome thing, but what about being honest with yourself, or even with God?

Imagine getting in a room where there are two chairs placed facing each other, only a few feet apart.  You enter, and sit at one of the chairs, possibly a bit nervous and worried about the conversation about to happen.  The room might even seem a bit cold as you await the time when you will “spill your guts” about what’s happening in your heart.  Then you look up into that chair across from you, which remains empty, and begin to share with Jesus how you have fallen short of His ideal, and ask Him once again to forgive you.  He knows this is a difficult conversation for you, but He listens intently with compassion all over His face, and when you are finished, He stands up, embraces you, and says, “you are forgiven, I love you.”  Suddenly, the coldness of the room melts away, and you lose yourself in the love of Jesus.



Freedom from sin and guilt.

Freedom to experience God’s love through His Son Jesus and His never ending love.  No sin to too big to escape God’s love.  If you struggle with sin, and it’s keeping you from a more vibrant relationship with God, Jesus is there with His arms wide open waiting for you, and there are people at your church who will sit with you and help you in your struggle.  It’s important to remember not to say, “God could never love me because I did this…” or something along those lines.  Instead of looking at yourself for what you are (or what you think you are), look at yourself the way God sees you.  If you know Christ, He sees you as a man or woman of God, saved by His love.  If you do not personally know Christ, He sees you as His creation, made in His likeness, and He’s just waiting for You to invite Him into your life.

Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone.