Restorers of the Faith

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Having read Gabe Lyons’ first book, Unchristian, I was very excited to hear the culmination of his research contained in this book.  I myself have met many people who are disenfranchised by Christians they have met, or more likely, by Christians they have heard about in the media, but as Lyons points out, there is great hope in a new generation of Christians.

This book is written in a very conversational style, making it easy to read and digest the great wealth of information he offers.  It is very encouraging to read about a group of people of all ages and from places all over the world who see the mission of Jesus Christ as a major priority.  Lyons calls this group the “restorers.”  The second half of the book describes in great detail and with hope the attitudes and actions of this group.

I would highly recommend this book, not only as a text to read for encouragement, but also as a challenge to live out the Christian life with service and sacrifice, showing others the way to Christ.