Rehearsing the Gospel Story

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Well, I know it’s been a bit since where has been an update here, and a lot has happened since I last posted! So, here’s a quick refresher:

1. Worship is our love for something expressed. We worship a lot of things – family, money, possessions, jobs, status, sports, and of course, God. It’s how we align our worship that matters.

2. Formation is the way things and ideas are formed into our hearts and minds primarily through external influences – TV, advertising, education, friends, family, social media. When we let the Holy Spirit, and things of God do the forming, that is when we become more Christlike.

3. Worship Formation is when the practices we use to express our worship to God aid in the formation process

Now, we began to look at what this might look like for our church to actively engage in worship formation and came up with a plan to rehearse the Gospel story each Sunday morning. The framework of the Gospel can be summed up in 4 words:

Creation – A perfect and Holy God creates everything out of nothing.
Fall – Man rejects the life God offered and chose our own way, leading to a broken and hurting creation.
Redemption – God offered a way for man to be right with God by sacrificing His Son, Jesus.
Restoration – Through Jesus, man is now able to know God and all of creation will one day be restored to its original, intended form.

So, if you go to our church, you will be able to trace each of these areas in every Sunday service from now on. We will express our worship to God through Scripture readings, testimony, prayer, preaching, and song. Each plays a distinct but important part of our worship, and each plays a part in our formation.

When we talk about “seeing lives changed by the Gospel” we need to understand that “lives” starts with ME. Just because you know God does not mean that you don’t still need Gospel transformation every single day. So, we rehearse this Gospel story each and every Sunday because we know that we need a constant refresher on the story of God in order to carry that story to a broken and hurting world.

Next post – what does this actually look like? Coming soon.