Our Destiny in Christ

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I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader, but I do like to read and have recently begun to pick up some extra books to enlighten and encourage.  So, I heard about a program where I can get a copy of a book for free in exchange for writing a blog post about it.  This is the first of those posts.

I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to discover in Mark Batterson’s new book, Soul Print, but I was pleasantly surprised.  If you have read any of Batterson’s previous books, his blog, or heard him speak, this book’s accessible and friendly style will be very familiar to you.  That said, this is not only a book that would be a great encouragement to those already walking with Christ, but is also a story of Christ’s love for us to those who don’t know Him.

At first, I thought Soul Print was just going to be another “Jesus loves you, and has a great plan for your life” book, but it ended up being so much more than that.  Using the story of David as an outline, we discover God’s plan for our life has nothing to do with who we are (or who we think we are), but instead with who God is and who He created us to be.  David came from the humblest of positions to be king of Israel, and our destiny is tied up in God’s plan for our lives as well.

Our world tries to tell us that our image and worth are tied up in our clothes, our jobs, our families, our physical shape, but God tells us that our worth is tied up in His unimaginable love for us.

I would recommend this book for anyone struggling with finding who you are meant to be, or just anyone needing to be encouraged and reignited with the knowledge of the uniqueness with which we were all created.  This would also be a great book for small groups to study together with the included discussion questions sure to create some excellent dialogue.

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