Mental Explosion!

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I’ve been doing a large amount of learning lately.

Between school, books I’ve been reading, and a class I’m teaching at church (yeah, you probably learn the most when you teach!), it sometimes feels like I’m having a mental explosion.  I suppose that it is good to be learning and it’s good to be sharing what I’m learning with others as well.

I’ve been learning about how perceptions on how music is created, performed, and heard changed significantly with the dawn of the Romantic period – and much of that thought still dominates our thinking today.  I’ve learned about a greater and higher calling for art in the church, that God truly holds our identity, not something or someone here on earth, and that God has surprises in store for us that we can’t even imagine.  I’ve also been learning how to deepen my relationship with Him through the various disciplines.  Many of them are so much broader and more fulfilling that I thought – fasting, solitude, etc.

Lots of new information.

How about you, what have you been learning lately?