Joe and Joanna

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This has been an interesting week.

Saving you the long story, I was at the courthouse on Wednesday morning to speak to the nice man behind the big desk about some issues with my license plate and then pay them some money. While I was there, I met a young mom named Joanna.
Joanna has a 7 year old daughter who was with her, and she also was paying for a license plate issue – but it wasn’t her car, she was just the one driving it at the time. Anyway, she has no job, no husband, and no car of her own, so things are a little rough for her, and this was only compounding the situation. I was able to engage her in some conversation and eventually invite her daughter to our performing arts camp next week at church. Also, I was able to find her daughter a ride from Eastlake everyday for the camp. That’s the short story, but I really hope that God begins to do a work in their lives.

Next, comes Joe. Joe is 29 and is from San Diego, CA. For whatever reason, he decided that the picnic tables outside our church was going to be a great place to take an afternoon nap. I too decided that it was a great place to be yesterday and went there to enjoy a nice Chipotle(!) burrito before rehearsal. After he woke up, we had a nice conversation. His parents are atheists, he works for a small company his brother owns, he believes in God, but believes that all religions teach the same thing. We played guitar for a little while until he had to go to pick up his coworkers. I gave him a new testament and my e-mail address and we left.

Please pray for both Joe and Joanna (and her daughter) that God would move in their hearts and help them see that He is Lord. They both also have some life issues that need to be worked out as well.

I am so blessed that God led them to me this week and allowed me to be a small part of their lives. I pray that He will continue the work and change their hearts.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. If you live in the Cleveland area, come out to Blossom on Sunday night at 7:00 to hear Sarah and I sing with the Cleveland Orchestra! (if you come, let me know so we can meet up afterward).