It's coming…

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What is worship supposed to look like? That, of course, is a huge question that has been asked for thousands of years, and I am sure not about to give some kind of trite answer to that here.

However, I want to put forth these questions:
What is worship supposed to look like for you?
What is worship supposed to look like for your church?

All over the world people of all backgrounds, races, and cultures have decided what worship looks like for themselves. One of the biggest problems that missionaries have had in the past century is going to foreign countries and suggesting to the people that appropriate worship is “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” or “Amazing Grace” and the expressions in their culture are completely invalid. What those people believed is that we were giving them the “American God” but not a god they could relate to, and they lost interest. It wasn’t until we told them to embrace their culture and redeem it for the Lord that they began to see revival. God was now in their language.

So, what about our language?
That’s the funny thing about America right now, we have a bunch of different languages, especially in the church. We have people who claim that true worship is only the hymns of old, we have people who proclaim that unless you’re lifting your hands in surrender during an emotional praise song, you’re not worshiping, and so on and so forth.

What if God is looking for none of that? What if He’s looking for all of that?
So, what’s coming?
Change is coming.
Our church is a few months away from embarking on a new journey in worship. I believe that God has given us so many expressions to worship Him with, but we have kept our creativity in a box.
What if we, as a corporate body could worship God through song, through dance, poetry, drama, paintings, sculpture, and many other things as well? It would be a service not of pattern and predictability, but of wonder. A time when we stand in awe of who God is and express our affections toward Him in incredible ways.
It’s time to create a voice to God that is unique to our church, that is in our language and reflects our hearts.

So, start getting the word out today.

If you sing, play an instrument, dance, act, write stories or poetry, paint, draw, sculpt, rap, or whatever(!) we want you to be a part of this new journey of artists.
More details will be coming in the next month!

I’ll be on vacation next week, so I’ll possibly just have an occasional tweet, but no blog post. Cubs game on July 29th!!!! Hey Chicago, whadda say? “Cubs are gonna win today!”

Have a fantastic week everyone!