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Shortly after writing yesterday’s post, I finished reading a book I’ve been reading for far too long (it’s only 120 pages and I’ve been going quite slowly).  I will put the recommendation out there, however – In the Beginning, God by Marva Dawn (actually her pen name).  In this book she makes the case that the foundation for the worship of God is contained in Genesis 1-3.  It’s quite good, actually, and as I said, it’s only 120 pages, you can borrow it if you would like 🙂

Anyway, I came across something in the second to last chapter that was quite an interesting observation about our view of suffering.  She says:

…it seems that only in the wealthy west has suffering become a major reason to doubt God.  In most poorer nations of the world, tribulation is an impetus toward faith and a clinging to the comfort of belief.  Does our affluence make us presume that we can buy understanding?

So, she saying that we many times use pain and suffering as an excuse to blame or ignore God, when in reality, we should be using pain and suffering to run to God!  (I guess that’s pretty much what C.S. Lewis said in the quote I wrote yesterday).

Silly David, pain stinks but God’s love is HUGE.
Just fall deeper in love with Him and cling to Him and He will carry you through the trial (but not necessarily take it away).


I’ve got another song for you today 🙂

How He Loves – David Crowder B…