How may we help you?

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This post is written specifically for my Trinity friends, but anyone else is free to read it and add some useful comments (since people from all churches and walks of life may have similar needs or desires)


It is my desire to help people encounter God as much as possible and in as many ways as possible.  I spend a large amount of energy helping people encounter Him on Sunday mornings, primarily through song, prayer and the reading of scripture, but I know that to have a vibrant, dynamic relationship with anyone spending 20 minutes a week with them wouldn’t create any kind of deep relationship.

I am on a mission!  I want to help people (anyone really, but again, specifically people at Trinity) discover what a dynamic, open, and deep relationship with Christ can be like.  I know that usually throwing another program at something might seem like a good idea, but is usually just a place where people can learn more information and not see real life change.

My question to you all is: what would you like to see available to you to help encourage your own personal growth in Christ?  How can I encourage, train, instruct, facilitate, etc. you best in this manner.  A relationship with Jesus is a Monday-Sunday thing, and what we do on Sunday mornings really should be a celebration of what God has been doing in our lives throughout the week, but unfortunately, for many of us, we allow life to get in the way of the most important relationship we have.

Well, that’s probably enough rambling on this subject – comment away!!
Also, feel free to ask questions, I encourage dialogue!

Have a great weekend friends!