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Well, here I am. Finally posting a blog for you all to read. I’ve also moved from Xanga to Blogger.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what’s going to end up being posted here. I’m thinking that it’s going to become more like a journal that people can comment on. I also really encourage conversation. I’m going to talk about what God’s teaching me and what I’m learning about His Word and living a life of worship. There will also probably be some rants here and there…
So, here we go…
Sarah and I have both begun a journey through the entire Bible. We’re not necessarily reading the same thing everyday, but we’re trying to get through it all. I’m sure that you will hear much about this journey. Today, my readings had me near the end of Genesis, the life of Joseph. What an incredible story. The picture of redemption and the foreshadowing of Christ just shows how God planned history. In our minds, we see Joseph as a pivotal character in the Bible, but in his mind, I’m sure he just thought he was an average, unworthy person being used somehow by God. It was really because of how God used Joseph that the nation of Israel even began. Bringing his brothers to Egypt, they would birth the 12 tribes of Israel and eventually be exiled back to the land God promised them.
Perhaps that’s the most important thing. God’s promises. How amazing! Wow! (as Nancy Beach would say) We make so many promises to our family, friends, people we don’t even know, and even ourselves. How often do we find that we either made a false promise, or can’t live up to the promise we made? God’s promises are sure, true, everlasting, and REAL. So awesome!
Selah (that means, stop reading and think about that for a minute)
He promised Israel the Land. He promised them a nation. He promised them a Savior. All three have come, but only in part. They have their land, but not the eternal, glorified land they will have. They have their nation, but again, not the eternal one waiting for us. The Savior has come, but will come again and restore Creation to what God meant it to be!!!!
I’m sorry. I’m getting wordy, but I’m just so excited about the coming glory of God!
That’s all for today friends.
Have a wonderful week.