Towards Worship Formation

What does worship do?

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WDWD? Sorry, brief throwback to 90s Christian subculture. It was too hard to avoid the temptation. It’s a strange thought to think that our worship does anything, but in reality, there’s a lot going on when God’s people bring Him praise. To be clear, I’m talking about specific worship acts here, whether done alone or in small groups – prayer, Scripture reading, song, meditation, fasting, and a whole list of other possibilities – rather than just the all-important “life worship” that should be our normal way of living. First, what…read more

Psalm 119

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In the English Standard version of the Bible, the title of Psalm 119 is “Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet” and the 176 verses that follow certainly make the point that the author is in love with the Word of God.The poetical form is beautiful using each letter of the Hebrew alphabet as the header for each section to represent a “complete” thought about the significance of the Word of God.While one could probably argue true heart motive until blue in the face, someone who decides that writing…read more