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In the defense of “modern worship” Part 2

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So, last post I gave a very non-specific and general overview of the history of worship in the church, mostly dealing with musical issues. If you haven’t read it, you may read it here. Now, I’m going to give my actual defense of the music used in worship today and build my thesis that:┬áno one has ever gotten worship right, and we never will until the return of Christ. If there is one point to be taken away from my previous post, it should be that there is no one…read more

In the defense of “modern worship” Part 1

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If you are at all interested in the music of the church and you have glanced at Facebook or Twitter over the past 6-9 months, you have probably noticed a slew of posts slamming the “modern worship” movement. Now, I put “modern worship” into quotes because, in reality, there’s nothing “modern” about worship. Worship itself has been around since before the foundation of the world when perfect worship occurred solely between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God, in His brilliant creativity and grace, created man and then allows us…read more

Vote for your favorite piano piece!

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Although the evenings of my last few weeks have been completely dominated by the 2014 Olympics in Sochi (that and homework for my classes), I thought after all the medals were doled out, I would pursue another music composition project. I’m a little out of practice as of late, so I thought I would begin with an orchestral transcription of a great piano piece. So, I spent a nice, relaxing part of my day off today (in between errands and during nap time) listening to the likes of Chopin, Rachmaninoff,…read more


What time is it?

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Ok, so my mind is racing about somethings that I was dealing with today, and I can’t sleep. I know you’ve all had those days. So, what better thing to do at 1am than to write a post on my sadly neglected blog that I will probably delete in the morning because it ends up being something that only makes sense at 1am. Anyway… I’ve figured something out, and in my immense wisdom, I’m going to share with you. What I’ve figured out is that I haven’t figured anything out.Sorry…read more