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Advent Awakening

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“There’s been an awakening…” These are the first words ever heard from the new film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” when the original teaser trailer debuted about a year ago. From that point until last night, there has been an advent of sorts as fans, casual and passionate alike, awaited the release of the new film. In many ways, it was shrouded in secrecy with little knowledge released, recycled footage in each subsequent trailer or commercial, and gag orders put on everyone who worked on the film. So, even in…read more

The Most Wonderful Time

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HOLY SMOKES! I’m so sorry that it’s been since September since I last posted, but here we go! Ah, ChristmastimeThere’s nothing quite like it. Decorations everywhere, the music (even my chiropractor plays Christmas music, and sometimes sings along), all the crazy shopping, the parties, the FOOD, lots of family, friends, and laughter. I’m getting all nostalgic just thinking about it all 😉For me, and my Church music friends, Christmastime also means some crazy services to plan for, but we all love it, right? This year, we’re focusing on imagining what…read more