A Psalm

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A simple song to God without any poetic form.

Praise God!
I will praise Him with all that I have.
I will praise Him for He is good and His loving-kindness endures forever.
I will praise Him because He made me, sustains me, and has redeemed me.
Though time and time again I stumble and fall, He reaches down and lifts me up from the pit. He reminds me that my sin is gone because His Son has saved me. When I turn my eyes away from Him, He calls me back and shows me the way to fellowship with Him. All creation will praise God, and I will sing with creation as it worships. The moon and stars shine with His glory; the sun shows His sustaining power. His word goes on forever. The earth and men will pass away, but His word began in eternity past and will go on forever and ever. His people will cry out His praises. Nature will cry out His praises. He has my heart and my soul.
I will praise His name now and forever more.
With everything, I will praise His name.

Loosely inspired by Psalm 103